Almost every country in the world has their fondly remembered romantic era which symbolizes the spirt of a nation and it’s people. Norway had the Vikings, Britain had the Knights of the Round Table, and Greece had the Spartans.

And no historical figure signifies the sprit of our nation like the American Cowboy, the fearless young men who sat tall in the saddle and drove half wild cattle a thousand miles across  dry desolate country and faced down whatever dangers came their way, be it sandstorm, flood, rustlers or stampede.

And  nothing symbolizes the sprit, life and times of the cowboy like the music. From the rowdy Saturday night backstreet Saloon hoedowns to the trail songs and the laments of the nighthawks who spent the late night hours soothing the restless herd with a song.

It’s all here, it’s all authentic and when it’s mixed in with the outstanding musicianship, tight harmony and the hilarious hijinks of the Bar D Wranglers, it makes for a fun night you won’t soon forget.

Take it from somebody who has been there and can’t wait to go back again, there’s nothing like a night at the Bar D Chuckwagon.

–Charlie Daniels

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